“I am very happy about the simplicity of the system. Thanks to Plantyst the performance of day and night shifts is comparable.“

Josef Vavrouch
CEO of Kopos Kolín, a.s.

“Daily meeting in the production is one of the best things we ever introduced. Our employees have raised the productivity significantly and it´s growing further even now.”

Jaroslav Vendl
CEO of Colognia press, a.s.

“At breakfast I watch the production operations and I know instantly what I am going to discuss with the supervisors at work.”

Aleš Goldšmíd
Production Manager of HELLMA Gastronomický servis s.r.o.

“Fast and regular beat based on accurate data drives us faster than competitors.”

Pavel Křepelka
Executive Director of Systemprint Drescher, spol. s r.o.

"I would compare Plantyst to the eyes of our production that see the basics in real time and to the brain as well because of the recorded input in a timeline. Thanks to eyes and a brain we are able to detect gaps in our processes which we suspected but which we could not prove. Added value of finding the gaps combined with elements of production engineering, mainly in the areas of communication and trainings, represents a two digit percentage.”

David Fiala
Technical Director of Kopos Kolín, a.s.

"Interface provided by Plantyst portal is very friendly, understandable and provides quick and easy information presented for the entire production team.”

Stanislav Vrtiška
Pharmaceutical Production Director of Zentiva Group, a.s.