If you don't measure production output at all or retrieve production overview by an other way than measuring, labour logbooks or entries by operators and else, then Plantyst suits you well.

Plantyst can be applied at:

  • Decrease of production costs
  • Increase of production effectivity
  • Systematic problem approach based on accurate data and trustworthy statistics
  • Controlling of technological discipline and compliance of defined cycle times and breaks
  • Feedback on exact production workflow (at complaint resolution or else)
  • Empowerment of supervisors' competencies
  • Empowerment of cooperation in teams
  • Implementation of shop floor management or visualization management
  • Remote production supervision by mobile phone or tablet
  • Visualization of workflow in production process

Plantyst isn't suitable for:

  • Really small or not growing manufacturing operations
  • One-shift production with surplus capacities
  • Companies that don't emphasize company culture in production
  • Companies which don't have competition or any need to change