Two things effective production cannot deal without

Plantyst merges technology monitoring and simple shop floor management in one tool.

One solution for continuous production improvement

For continuous production improvement data of 100% accuracy are needed that display all issues and gaps and a daily routine that enables employees to react fast based on such information.

ou can easily beat competitors who improve slowly because they analyze the past instead of planning the future. They retrieve production overview from less reliable source and spend more energy on charts about assembly line usage and accident statistics instead of daily problem solving and staff interaction.

Simple is beautiful

Plantyst design allows fast and simple installation of monitoring on any production device. Surplus it is independent of current information systems or implemented processes.


 Accurate data

You won´t miss anything.

Sensors installed on device.

  • On any machine or assembly line
  • Zero complex IT, SW, HW, PLC
  • 1Data of 100% accuracy


Expose problems.

Everybody knows that anybody sees anything.

  • Visualization shapes environment
  • On display at production and on mobile phone
  • Transparency


Speed up the beat of production.

Fast action for fast intervention.

  • Effective internal communication
  • Emphasize essentials
  • Consistency


Kaizen, Continuous improvement, Lean manufacturing

Continuous improvement (or reduction of waste)is common sense and need of today's world. Plantyst provides production teams with precise information and a tool for daily routine to enable fast and consistent production improvement.



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