This manufacturer of adhesive labels and flexible covers applies monitoring of all production lines and finalizing devices already since 2008. In 2012 the company introduced a system of regular and short daily meetings plus visual management. Production lines efficiency increased dramatically and is raising even further.

Colognia press a.s. is a rather young and dynamic polygraphic company ITL seat in Kolin. Their key products are adhesive labels, tags, entry tickets and flexible covers throughout all industries. Their client structure is wide and stabile which enables this company to prevent eventual market fluctuations. Colognia press a.s. operates on nearly complete Czech market and within EU. In 2013 its foreign trade represented twelve percent, in 2014 one percent more. Colognia press a.s. was started from scratch, after eighteen years there are about 100 employees and an annual volume of 30k orders and sales of 300 billions Czech crowns plus.

Norms did not help bulk printing

Like many other companies Colognia press, a.s. controlled its productivity via standardized norms and follow-up of orders. They compared actual consumption versus plan. Norms could not prevent misuse of operations described as „technical downtime“ or „broken machine“. Norms of single orders did not create space for growth and paradoxically became an obstacle in improving and developing individuals, teams and the company as such.

Monitoring via Plantyst was a success

After implementation of Plantyst box the management has got precise data of production capacity use within three months. The system Plantyst enabled them to evaluate the history and to make better estimations and plans of development trends, surplus it could detect hidden issues of the production operations. Plantyst supported the management in identification and resolution of issues restricting the development and in overall planning and increasing the operations effectivity. Plantyst provided precise data about machine operations. It confirmed the assumption that manually created logbooks of labour and machine downtimes are not in line with the reality and that they are adjusted in different ways by a not always correctly motivated operators. Plantyst terminated the subjective and dull logging, it restricted the data manipulation and enabled the personnel to dedicate their efforts to the actual operations.

Measuring only is not suffiecient

Based on Plantyst many minor issues with apparently easy solutions became visible. In spite of the fact that the management has got a precise insight about operations in the production they have also learnt that it is exceptionally important to involve employees. Everyday short sessions in the morning on Plantyst output called „Cockpit“ or daily meetings significantly contributed to a specific and constructive communication between the departments. Thus tiny details influencing the production operations in a negative way became visible. The „Cockpit“ sessions are open to any employee, only the ongoing operations must be guaranteed. Thanks to new communication system Plantyst the operational issues are solved immediately...


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