A significant manufacturer of electric installation products implemented Plantyst on three extruders in 2012. After the company had experienced added value Plantyst was implemented on all machines of steel and plastics production. In 2014 KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. implemented Platyst at the production site in Ukraine.

The company KOPOS KOLÍN a. s. belongs to traditional Czech electric engineering companies and operates on Czech market since decades. The production history traces its origins back to 1926 already. The current history starts with privatization in 1994 and following creation of the company KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. in 1996. Since then its main activity is the production of electric installation materials. That are cable ladders and trays, wiring pipes an protection ducts, trunkings, wiring supporting systems plus fixing material. The wide range of products is allocated in production groups according to purpose of use, environment and mechanical stress. There are 370 employees working for KOPOS KOLÍN a. s. and its annual turnover is one thousand millions Czech crowns plus.

Pilot implementation of Plantyst

Plantyst was introduced in KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. in 2010. By then the Chief Executive Officer occasionally used to show the production to his clients. The production manager told him all the time that the production is overloaded, but when visiting the production in person he observed that either one or the other key assembly line was standing still. Therefore the technical manager David Fiala got a task: „Find a solution!“

Thus KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. became one of the pilot companies where Plantyst tests started. In the beginning the sensors were installed at two assembly lines. They run in test mode and after two months they were compared with the systems used by KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. until then. The time delay between data and monitoring by Plantyst was about an hour or two.

The functionality of Plantyst was confirmed, it was accurate and the error could have occurred by very first adjustments and was negligible. The impact at two first assembly lines equipped with sensors changed the workload rate of 50% from prior to introduction of Plantyst to current workload of 97%. At the same time the bonus system was adjusted according to productivity and the employees could experience the results as well.

"The Production Managger has liked Plantyst and he likes it until today because thanks to Platyst he has got an online insight about the production status which I see in a positive way. I tell anyone else that it is great to be able to see the charts even on my mobile phone.“, commented Technical Manager David Fiala.

Later on one complete production hall was equipped, then another one and in the end the key device Dymeco. After that the injection molding machines were equipped and gradually Plantyst was installed at nearly all key devices as well. The management informed employees immediately at installation....


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