An overview isn´t an overview

Managers’ experience says „No measurement, no improvement“ and „No measurement, no management.“

But in reality managers tend to mismatch measurement and overview. Usually they analyze data entered by operators into logbooks or infomation systems. Or produced quantity is compared with required performance. But in this case the production process isn't measured at all.

Who doesn't measure the production process in a timeline analyzes only rough numbers. Thus you don't know what happened at production exactly, where to look for gaps and where (the slightest) issues occured.


Data quality matters

Plantyst records data about production and the operations of production devices automatically. The data are therefore accurate for 100% and they cannot be twisted or manipulated. Their correct visualization provides a fast and objective information about the reality – about performance, workload capacity and it shows issues and gaps infallibly.

The extracted information enable frontline managers (supervisors, team leaders, shift leaders) to work with their teams and the management to distill an exact overview about KPI values and their trends.


A few questions to consider

  • What is more accurate? A car logbook or a tachograph?
  • Can you detect in a „car logbook“ an issue of five minutes? Of ten minutes? Or of half an hour?
  • How much do you trust a report „Types of downtime in last month“ that is calculated from a „car logbook“?


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